There are days where I am overwhelmed by the intensity of the stress level in my life. From time to time, I do not even enjoy the good moments and the here and now. Simply, because I am already stressing out about a new project or a new event that will happen soon.


In moments like these, I wish I could tune out the world.


Indeed, we can but we often just do not do it. We plan so many things in our everyday life that we end up being overwhelmed. I get it, you cannot just not unplug when you at your job and need to finish a task on time. What I mean is to take the time to fully concentrate on the now and maybe even your to – dos, but leaving a moment during the day to unplug. This can be anything from entirely checking out of all social media or emails for an hour, taking a walk, breathing in some fresh air or reading.

By tuning out the world, you will have to focus on yourself and on the peacefulness in your mind. When I am stressed, and that happens to me so many times, I forget to focus on myself. In the past, I always wanted to fulfil the needs of my life and additionally the needs of other people in my life. You think that you need to be present everywhere at any given time of the day. Otherwise, you will loose the control of your own life, right?

Anyone, who is close to me knows: I am a control freak. When it comes to my professional life or personal life. I need to check everything by myself to know that I either did a good job or that I took a right decision. It can be annoying because even if you control everything you cannot control your surroundings or their actions. In the end, you cannot influence all things happening to you. The only thing you can do is to unplug from time to time and re-focus yourself. Define where you want to put your energy or control into.


Tune out the world and all distractions around you.

At the end, the only person and schedule you need to focus on is yours.