Self-care is important. In fact, it is the most crucial part of your life. It took me years to understand that and to eventually becoming an advocate for self – care, which means to dedicate time to your own well – being. Put yourself first.

Self – care is a choice to take and it is definitely not a one – time act. Rather it is sum of acts in order to find the importance on you and your life. The primary focus is you loving you.

So many days and years, I did put others first. That could have been family or friends. Now that I am writing it down, I see the contradiction and the lie in that. Why do we prioritise people and put our focus on them, when in fact they would never see us as a priority? We let these people dictate on how we should live and on what to focus on.

Within time and rejections of people that I thought were close to me and would support me, I realised that these people would not put me first. This is actually a really good thing! However, when you are the one doing everything in your power to achieve their goals, you start to wonder and feel invaluable as your own being.

I began to find my way back out of the rot and started to put all my energy in my own well – being. That meant to let go of negativity around me and let go of me feeling rejected all the time.

I dedicated that my love, time and attention should mainly go into my account. It does not mean you have to solely focus for hours of a day only for yourself. Just make sure you take each day a little time for yourself. I listed a few tips that personally helped me to understand and to incorporate self- care into my daily life.


Learn How We Feel

In order to understand and realise how important self- care is, we find ourselves stuck in the middle. The inability to actually understand our true feelings and to process them can damage our self – care. We cannot reject emotional difficulties by simply ignoring them. How can we feel if you do not take the time to recognise feelings you harbour? Making sure, you understand your own core feelings contributes to your self – care process.


Learn How To Spend Time With Yourself

Spending time with yourself sounds so easy, but it is very tricky thanks to the world we live in today. Constantly pressured by our social life, we literally forget on how to spend time alone. Try to unplug every day for at least 20 minutes and focus on your well – being. That can be a long walk, meditation or simply reading a good book. You are not dependent on any other human being.


Your life is up to you.


Be Grateful Every Single Day

Now, this advice I believe is one major step to understand the key of self-love. Being grateful for what you have in life at the moment, will not only lift your mood but it can determine the way you will think of your future. We always set ourselves goals on where we want to be in the next five years in our jobs or private life. Self-Care time is to nurture your well – being. Every day, just after waking up, I envision a few things that I am grateful for. I do this every single day. Being grateful for what you have, will help you to see your worth.