How to heal yourself emotionally

How to heal yourself emotionally
Sometimes, we all wonder how to deal with our emotions. It is easy to deal with happiness, simply because it is something we want to feel. We experience happiness to the fullest and even years later we still remember the positive moments that occurred in our lives. Yet, life is about balance. What about the bad experiences, the ones we wish to forget so we do not have to be remembered by them every single day?
There is nothing we can do to not let these bad moments occur, right? What we can do though is to take actions and be more in control of what is happening to us. Also, we can take control of healing emotionally. We can actively bring back a meaning to the moments we wish to forget.
The first thing we need to understand is that nothing causes more emotional distress than the thoughts we think. We try so hard to demand the bad thoughts to go away, yet we do not see that we are being caught up in a vicious cycle. Telling our negative thoughts to go away, is the same as telling a child to not do something, „ do not touch the oven“. In 99% of the cases, this child will definitely touch the oven because it is too curious and does not understand why it is not allowed, right? The same goes along with your thoughts. So you are trying remotely to forget these negative thoughts, yet you never dealt with them in the first place.
Get a grip on your mind 
The only way to heal yourself emotionally is to get a grip on your mind. We must do a better job of identifying the thoughts and memories that are no longer good for us and substantially deal with them. Only you can get a grip on your own mind. In order for you to heal yourself, you need to put in the work in understanding your issues, otherwise, you will live in distress.