Do you know that feeling when you spend your time doing random things for hours? Suddenly you realise that you did not do anything at all. Let me tell you, sometimes I cannot even remember what I have been doing. I wish I could have realised earlier that mindless acts waste so much of my time. Time moves quickly and too fast; we will never get the hours back.

I do not mean that you should not relax from time to time and enjoy doing nothing, what I mean is that we need to learn what time means to us:

So often, I watch myself doing things that do not matter at all or are so random like checking social media for ages; Taking a look at pictures of people having the best time of their lives. Then I notice that I am still sitting in my room, wearing my joggers, and have not moved for a century.  And that is the best time of my life, right?

Sometimes we need these little moments in life where we can just switch off and do not think; I get it we are not robots, we have emotions and we need time to pause. Although it is ok to have these little moments of mindless acts, I started to observe myself to see how I could change the mindless things into something merrier. Doing mindless things is a habit like any other, so you could train yourself to use your time more wisely and to make the best out of it.

Just start observing your actions,  list what you want to learn next and spend the time that you are off with a new purpose instead of crawling back into doing mindless and random things; you will see a difference in your balance and in your positivity towards your own time.