“I have to be floating away to stay on the ground” – a quote that I carry with me for a very long time.  Sometimes in life, there are so many different noises and actions every single day, that we kind of get lost with what we want or even more:


Who we want to be in this world?


People always say that you are shaped by the five people you spend the most time with. Partially, I agree with that. We adapt a lot of our closest companions because there are reasons that we feel close to them.


Yet, the closest people in our lives cannot define us as a human being. That is only up to us.


Recently, I am re- discovering myself and what kind of person I want to be in different areas of my life. These desired changes have more to do with my mentality and thoughts than with tangible goals, such as getting promoted or financing a new flat or what so ever. Realising that reaching the mentality that I desire to have, will have a great impact on the tangible things in my life. It is the same thinking process as the concept of Karma: Getting what you give. Getting to know who I am and what state of mind I desire to reach, can help me to grow personally. Also it can  impact my life with more positivity and positive actions.

This requires time and what I discovered is that in order to become who you want to be, also means that you need to heal yourself and heal from the bad and negativity. We all experience things in life, that we wish to forget. I do not think that forgetting is what I should do. In the end, these things shaped me into the person that I am now. Instead of focusing on the bad of situations, I started to see what good may have come along. Trust me, it is not easy and some bad things in life are just freaking bad. For some moments in my life, I simply have not figured out something positive yet. What I learnt though is to slowly forgive what happened. Simply, because you cannot change it. It is a process and a discovery to find out who I want to be and what my ideal state of mind can be. I do not believe that you will ever reach the perfection of yourself, there will be always a next level on how to become who you want to be.  What is your ideal state of mind? Ask yourself this question and try to discover yourself.

Discover the best possible you at this moment

to define an even better you for the future.